• What exactly do you do, and why?

    • We believe every child deserves books for ownership; statistics have shown that children who read for pleasure perform better in school. We realize that books can be expensive and transportation to and from the library is an issue for some, so we bring the books to the children and their families in their communities. We go to various communities and community events to give away free children's books to low income children. We go to schools, churches, food distributions, and wherever else we find a need for books.

  • How can I contribute?

    • Your contributions are important to us and you can help in several ways.

      • Monetary investment

      • Book donations 

      • Volunteering at a book drive/distribution

      • Spreading the word among your family, friends, coworkers, and organizations

  • Is my donation tax deductible?

    • ​Yes! A tax receipt is generated for you after your monetary investment is processed.

  • Can any child get free books even if they aren't in need?

    • ​No! Even though it is our desire that all children be afforded the opportunity to obtain books no matter their financial situation, we do ask that if you afford courteousness and consideration for low income children.

  • My child loved the book he/she received. How do I give you feedback about that book?

    • ​Awesome! We love to get feedback from your young readers. Please leave us a testimonial on the contact page. This helps us know which books to purchase again and what books weren't so popular.

  • Can I volunteer my time for Forever Free Books?

    • ​Absolutely! We are always looking for Friends of FFB to pick up donations or to help us at the book distributions. Feel free to request to be placed on our volunteer list and you will be notified of upcoming opportunities.  Please send us a message on the contact page.

  • Can children and teens volunteer?

    • ​Absolutely! This is the perfect opportunity for your child or teen to contribute to their community. We also work with scouting organizations. Teenagers can also earn volunteer hours for school. Please leave us a message on the contact page.

  • What type of books do you accept? 

    • ​We only accept new children's books. Because the books will be given to a child for ownership and to build their home library, we ask that you refrain from giving us used books. We need your book donation to be one that a child would enjoy receiving and having for ownership. Please leave us a message on the contact page  to set up a time and location for the book donation. 

  • How can we partner with Forever Free Books?  

    • ​We partner with various individuals and organizations that line up with our philosophy. Please leave us a message on the contact page with your specifications on the type of partnership you would like and why.

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